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Dermal Fillers

Emma Preston has administered dermal fillers since 2003, she has a careful and artistic eye as well as her clinical experience.

Fillers are used to lift, and plump the face and also to remove lines and wrinkles. Emma only uses the top products such as ‘Juvederm’ and ‘Restylane’ which are well regulated and safe. Fillers are made of a clear gel called ‘ Hyaluronic Acid’, it is found normally in the skin and the quantities naturally reduce as we age. Once injected water binds to it increasing it’s volume. Replacing it improves the skin’s elasticity and tone. Fillers are broken down naturally, so patients do need further treatments, initially every 6 -9 months, though less filler is generally used for repeat treatments.


" Thank you for the excellent care that I received during my laser treatment. The knowledge and expertise shown by staff is excellent. I would have no problems with recommending you to any of my friends and colleagues who may be considering having laser hair removal. "

" Thank you for your attention to the veins on my face. The intense treatment has been extremely effective and hugely beneficial. This treatment has been the only one that worked completely, having tried many over the past 30 years. "

" Life is… Feeling more confident at showing your underarms to the world! Many thanks. " - Gill

" Many thanks for the treatment I have received to get rid of my tatty tattoos! All staff members can take credit for being so friendly and professional. The pleasure, and pain, was all mine. "

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