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The Enerpeel® system is a nine product range with different combinations where the most appropriate formula have been selected for particular skin issues; ranging from pigmentation, wrinkles, scarring and oily skin. We have a range of peels for specific areas of the body, including the hands and neck. The peels have also been augmented with special ingredients to boost their activity. For example, a pigmentation reducer has been added to Enerpeel® Hands to reduce and suppress age spots.

Additionally, we have a special presentation called Enerpeel® EL (Eyes and Lips) that is designed specifically for the eye socket and the lip areas, known as the two age defining areas. With Enerpeel®, each peel is individually tailored to skin type and skin age. We can use different peels in each individual area at the same treatment for a truly bespoke treatment


" Thank you for the excellent care that I received during my laser treatment. The knowledge and expertise shown by staff is excellent. I would have no problems with recommending you to any of my friends and colleagues who may be considering having laser hair removal. "

" Thank you for your attention to the veins on my face. The intense treatment has been extremely effective and hugely beneficial. This treatment has been the only one that worked completely, having tried many over the past 30 years. "

" Life is… Feeling more confident at showing your underarms to the world! Many thanks. " - Gill

" Many thanks for the treatment I have received to get rid of my tatty tattoos! All staff members can take credit for being so friendly and professional. The pleasure, and pain, was all mine. "

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