Are Your Dentures Going on Holiday, into Hospital or a Care Home?

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Are Your Dentures Going on Holiday, into Hospital or a Care Home?

by Dental Design, on 24th August 2017 | Comments Off on Are Your Dentures Going on Holiday, into Hospital or a Care Home?
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Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor – Clinical Dental Technician

When you go on holiday, or stay overnight in a strange place, you go prepared with spare cloths and shoes, but what about your dentures?
 Imagine not having your teeth whilst you are away – it would definitely ruin your break, not to mention your photos!
 In hospital, you wouldn’t be able to eat the foods to provide the nutrients to aid your recovery.
 In a care home, dentures are often lost, we are asked to make replacement dentures on a regular basis.
Here are a few things you can do to give your dentures a safe trip:
 Have your name label embedded in your dentures, if lost your denture can be identified.
 Take a good pot to put them in with your name on the lid. If you take your teeth out at night, it can be very easy in unfamiliar surroundings to knock them to the floor and you wouldn’t want to tread on them.
 Clean your teeth over a towel or a basin full of water so if you drop them the fall will be cushioned.
 Beware of the dog! You might be somewhere where there is a dog, dogs love dentures, and they see them as a crunchy toy. Keep your teeth out of the way in a good pot with a fastening lid.
 Don’t wrap your dentures in tissue paper, in hospital or a care home the staff can easily mistake your dentures for waste and throw them away in the bin.
 A failsafe, of course, is to have a spare pair. If you have a good set we could duplicate them, if you have an old set we could revamp them by relining, adding a tooth, remove stains or getting them repaired and polished.
Should I have a spare duplicate -copy set of dentures made?
1. Denture wearers can now have a duplicate set for peace of mind at a cost that’s affordable. Imagine you’re on holiday, in hospital or residential care and you break or lose a denture and you have no other set to wear. Wherever you are you can carry a spare set of copy dentures in case of emergencies.
2. Ideal if you have been happy with the previous set, but they’ve become loose fitting and you have worries adapting to a new set of dentures. A copy denture can be made that will be an exact replica of your existing denture, except it will incorporate brand-new natural looking teeth and will be designed to improve the fit.

Advantages of a Copy Denture
 Peace of mind – you have a backup in case of emergencies.
 Your new copy denture will be comfortable and will fit correctly thanks to the new fitting surface.
 Treatment costs for a copy denture can be lower as fewer appointments are required.
 Copy dentures often require few or no adjustments after fitting.
 This can be a good option for elderly patients who may struggle to adapt to new dentures
We have been making duplicate or copy dentures for over 30 years. Come and see us for a chat before you go away. To book an appointment with Ian please call 01743 343433
By Ian Taylor

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