Cleaning In-Between

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Cleaning In-Between

by Dental Design, on 27th June 2014 | 0 comments
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Why you should focus on the spaces between your teeth – ( and please know that it’s not possible to floss too much)

Toothbrushing is an important daily routine for most people. Using a fluoride toothpaste once a day prevents cavities by removing the bacteria in plaque that cause tooth decay and gum disease; it also delivers fluoride to the tooth surface to strengthen the enamel. However, toothbrushing on its own will not remove all plaque as it does not reach all tooth surfaces. If you only brush your teeth, you are missing 50-60% of the surfaces. This is where interdental cleaning comes in.

Why once a day?

You don’t clean in-between because your dentist or hygienist told you! You should clean in-between because you want to prevent gum disease. Dental plaque matures after 24 hours, and starts to produce the toxins that irritate your gums. This plaque is complex and sticky, and smells badly. Leaving plaque on the teeth is the start of gingivitis; it can lead to bad breath, severe gum disease and ultimately the loss of your teeth. So removing this plaque once a day is the most important step you can take to prevent this.

How to do it?

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A selection of Interdental Brushes Credit: TePe

Your Hygienist or Dentist will happily demonstrate Flossing and using inter dental brushes, depending on the shape and size
of the spaces between your teeth. They’ll make it look easy in the chair, where they have a good light and lots of expertise. Once you get home you might find it a real struggle and perhaps very off-putting to try to floss or brush interdentally. This is why I feel that the most important advice I give on a daily basis is this: WEAR YOUR GLASSES to clean in between.There is no need to stand over the bathroom sink, peering myopically into the mirror. Once you have brushed your teeth, spit out the toothpaste
foam, and then find a more comfortable spot, (even sit down!), then with a magnifying mirror and a good reading light, wear
your reading glasses if you need them, and use the cleaning tools as you have been advised.
Can’t I just use a mouthwash?
Sadly, no. Mouthwash does not clean the surfaces, it’s akin to pouring a liquid cleaner on a muddy floor and rinsing it off, expecting your floor to be clean afterwards.


Oh, all right then….

Great, I’ll see you at your check up!


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