Counselling for Dental Phobia

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Counselling for Dental Phobia

by Dental Design, on 20th June 2016 | 0 comments
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Strong fears like phobias are often the result of underlying psychological trauma. This can be a previous experience with the dentist’s, or in more non-specific fears like the fear of the lack of control you experience when in a dentist’s chair, it can be something completely different. If there is a psychological mechanism which is fuelling the phobia, then the healthiest treatment option by far is to address it by means of professional therapy.

Counselling in a non-clinical environment allows the patient to steadily and gently work through their fear; understand why they feel the way they do, what triggers their fear, and how they might be able to move past it. It is a gradual process and has the benefit of having one on one support. Some people may be put off counselling and therapy as they are embarrassed, but counselling can help with a variety of problems and issues.

The causes of dental phobia are incredibly varied and could be traced back to one or multiple different sources. Some of the most common causes for dental phobia are:

  • Past traumatic experiences when visiting a dentist in the past or during childhood.
  • Afraid of being embarrassed or teased about your dental hygiene.
  • A fear of the pain involved with dentist treatment, usually after skipping routine visits.
  • Parents or loved ones who have also had a fear of dentists may have instilled the fear.
  • The feeling of helplessness or lack of control when visiting a dentist.
  • A history of abuse in your life may manifest itself in a dental phobia.

Many causes of being scared of the dentist can be dealt with by professional counselling.  As a qualified dental nurse I have personal experience of severe dental fear and am in a strong position to help you: I understand anxiety, fear and what goes on in the dental surgery. I do not diagnose or advise on dental conditions, this is the dentist’s role. My skills as a Counsellor help you to understand your fear or phobia and explore how to overcome it.

For more information or to make an appointment please call the Dental Spa: 01743 343433

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I received amazing care. I am a nervous patient and I was treated with fantastic care. Thank you for being so caring and professional, you have helped me overcome my fear of the dentist.

P Williams, October 2022
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The Dental Spa have always offered me fantastic dental treatment and advice. I always recommend this practice to my friends and family!

Anon, 2018
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Thank you so much for helping me achieve the smile I've always wanted. I can now smile with confidence!

Anon, 2018
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Thank you for giving me fantastic straight teeth. I cannot tell you how much my confidence has grown. I wish you all the best success.

Anon, 2018
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