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Denture-Care Tips

by Susanne Ellis, on 18th November 2016 | 0 comments
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Dentures give you so much in terms of comfort and confidence, return the favour with a good clean up and daily maintenance. Here are six steps to ensure you take good care of your dentures:

1. Clean them daily: Using a denture brush, rinse and brush your dentures, preferably in clean, warm water. Then soak them in a cleanser solution to help keep them white and help prevent the build-up of bacteria.

2. Brush gently: You’ll avoid damaging plastic or metal parts of the denture. And as a further precaution, moisten the brush before using it.

3. Brush your mouth: Gums, tongue, and natural teeth should be brushed with a fluoride toothpaste. It will remove plaque, stimulate circulation, and maintain your oral health.

4. Rinse: After brushing, give your mouth a refreshed feeling with a mouthwash.

5. No DIY: Adjusting dentures by yourself may cause harm to your mouth. Trust your dentist or Clinical Dental Technician for advice and answers to specific questions about your oral care.

6. No Hot Water: Don’t immerse your dentures in water that is too hot or boiling, as it can damage the material. Last but not least, keep your dentures moist when you’re not wearing them to avoid your dentures drying out and losing their shape.

If your denture has metal attachments, we recommend regular visits to your dental professional. It’s best to consult with your dentist or Clinical Dental Technician for specific maintenance advice. With a little love, care, and occasional use of denture fixatives/adhesives, your dentures will give you the ability to eat, smile, and talk with confidence. For an appointment with our Clinical Dental Technician, Ian Taylor please call us on 01743 343433.

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