What is Dermaplaning and a Chemical Peel?

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What is Dermaplaning and a Chemical Peel?

by Dental Design, on 3rd September 2019 | 0 comments

What is Dermaplaning?

It is a very quick and simple facial treatment using a fine, sterile, surgical steel blade to remove the fine, peach fuzz hair on the face whilst also removing the dead skin cells from the outer layer of the epidermis with no discomfort.

What is a chemical peel? Chemical Peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. It is a liquid applied to the skin with a brush to simply remove a layer of damaged skin from the face by a chemical reaction to reveal a younger, healthier layer of skin.

So why would we want to do this and together i hear you say!

I must admit i was very reluctant to have the treatment done, i do like the peach fuzz on my face, i have a lot of it! But i absolutely loved the treatment and the results, my hair didn’t grow back any thicker or faster than before at all, in fact a year later i would say less has grown back than was originally there, and, I’m considering having it done again…. when i can get in! My skin looked so much clearer, was more hydrated as my moisturizers were actually penetrating the skin rather than sitting on top of my facial hair, and every one commented that my skin was glowing…. more than normal!

By dermaplaning the face prior to a chemical peel you are preparing your skin more thoroughly by removing the top layer of dead skin along with the fuzz. Removing that dead skin will allow those powerful chemicals to do their job even more effectively and more quickly. Our clients love the effects of our peels so much they’re always asking how the effects can last longer, this is the answer! You’ll step into autumn with new skin!

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